Monday, 18 January 2016

Catch Me If You Can : Title Sequence Analysis.
‘Catch Me If You Can’ portrays a mysterious style title sequence, which both gives the viewer a small insight to the basic plot of the film, but also keeps them in suspense and maybe keeps them guessing before it has even started. This animated title sequence establishes the main character, narrative and a brief understanding of the setting. As soon as the title sequence starts, the viewer hears the soundtrack (diegetic sound) which sounds mysterious, which reflects the genre of the film and This mystery is kept up throughout the sequence as the animated man, who appears to be representing the main character, spends the whole duration of the title sequence trying to hide or disguise himself, and looks as if he is trying to stay away from another character.

The ‘main character’ moves very smoothly throughout the whole thing, which makes him look as if he can keep his ‘cool’ in the sense he seems to keep calm, even when it seems like he is in danger. When he is put into a new situation, he seems to stand around for a short amount of time and looks like he is watching the people around him, and then changes his outfit and therefore blends in with the surroundings. This puts across the idea of disguises, which could then lead to the idea of him trying to fool people, which could suggest the film is based around a con artist of some sort.

There are lots of indications of transport, which suggests he moves around a lot, perhaps linking in with the title and trying to keep away from someone who is chasing him. When it seems like he is going to be caught, a new character comes on screen and the soundtrack becomes quite dramatic. This causes suspense and tension among the viewers, and makes them expect something. However, when he isn’t caught it calms down, again suggesting ideas to do with the title “Catch Me If You Can” suggesting he is going to make it difficult. This difficulty is definitely portrayed in the title sequence. It holds quite a lot of tension as well, which perhaps sets up the audience to expect a lot of tension and drama in the film. The actual titles are in-cooperated in the animation, and are smooth transitions. They run nicely with the story and the events occurring in the sequence; this is an effective title sequence as it sets up the film for the viewer and gives them a small idea of what the film is about. It is a quirky and an interesting piece to watch, so the audience straight away can determine if this is a film genre they’d be interested in. Spielberg portrays a dramatic and tense title sequence, reflecting the story of the main character successfully.

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