Monday, 18 January 2016

Forrest Gump : Title Sequence Analysis.
Forrest Gump title sequence conveys deep relaxing and peaceful feelings:  during the opening title sequence, the viewers follow the journey of the feather throughout the sky and the city, wondering where will it land, because the route of the feather gains a meaning of fate and destiny. In fact, it is where the feather will land that the story will begin. It’s exactly when it lands on Forrest Gump’s foot that the audience is taken off from this feeling of endless peace, because the feather is no longer wondering freely with only the chance of wind direction to guide its path, like a destiny. The feather went wherever the wind took it and by chance it landed at forests feet. This suggests that metaphorically Forrest is the feather and he never tried to control his destiny just like the feather and he went wherever life took him.

The feather appears to be the most significant thing in this film already and it’s only a few seconds in. There’s celestial imagery with the feather as it is a white feather suggesting its untainted and pure, almost as if it’s been plucked from the wing of an angel and since the feather itself has come from above floating downwards towards Forrest Gump the idea that perhaps Forrest Gump is being watch by a higher power or a Guardian Angel. I believe this could be the case because as I’ve seen the film, I know that Forrest becomes extremely well off, avoids major tragedies and survives the Vietnam war as well as other life threatening events.

Generically, the font used throughout the title sequence is very slim and elegant; mostly used in dramas to be subtle with the fonts so the audience ca focus on the film itself. The colour of the font is white, again to avoid much attention being taken from the main narrative but to also have some relevance to the feather being presented on the screen.

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