Saturday, 9 April 2016

Evaluation for our title sequence

For our title sequence, we made sure that we all worked and followed closely to our given brief and specification for our title sequence for our movie of 'Genesis: The Uprising'. My group, included Jacob, Tyrell and I, and we assigned ourselves specific roles to have in our group project. Tyrell was lead editor, jacob was in charge of sound and i was in charge of cinematography... anything else we done and decided as a group. At first, for our title sequence and movie, we decided as a group that we wanted to essentially make a movie that would hold as a Dystopian/Sci-Fi movie - which is essentially a sub-genre. We wanted to challenge ourselves as our teacher said about how easy and conventional typical genres were, e.g horror and thriller. The reason this was a challenge was to create this genre, there usually needs to be a budget of some sort and as we are all students, our budget wasn't high at all. The narrative of our movie consists of a dystopian future with different cults and groups forming who aspire to take down the government of this society, however, the government is in fact one step ahead and are planning to overthrow and eliminate these groups and, they are tracking their every move via CCTV and found footage being sent to them. Our title sequence sets up for the rest of our movie as the plot/narrative is briefly introduced through the beginning of the movie via our title sequence.

Our title sequence sets up enigmas as the title sequence is quite vague, although our plot and genre are clearly conveyed throughout the sequence, there's still bits that leave the audience unsure of what's happening. This is through the government having complete CCTV coverage of the cults within our fictional world and the audience is left to wonder why, what their purpose is and so on. So without complete context it's difficult to understand what's going on, but it' still intriguing as the audience wants to find out.

In conclusion, I feel as though the title of our movie 'Genesis: The Uprising' fits well with the narrative of our movie as genesis means the beginning or creation of a something. This "dystopian future society forming and creating cults in order to overthrow the government and, how this society simply has to find a new way of living due to the new world order set by the higher classed government." - This is what our group decided our narrative was and uprising meaning that their will be a social uprising which is fitting for the narrative of our movie as this links well with the cults rising up together in order to take down the government. The genre of our movie is a sub-genre of Sci-Fi, which is Dystopian.

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