Sunday, 10 April 2016

Evaluation part 6

Question 7:

" Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? "

Throughout this project to create our title sequence, I feel that I have acquired a new set of skills and more knowledge on the subject and how films are funded, put together, created and even altered throughout the process of being made. I feel that I've learnt the skills needed to edit footage and assemble it in such an order to covey a particular genre, for example, my genre was a sub genre of sci-fi - dystopian so i had to research into similar films and see how they were done. As we worked in groups, we assigned ourselves certain roles to fill in the group, so when it came to editing my group member Tyrell was lead editor and as I was lead cinematographer, I had to make sure my camera shots were up to a good enough standard for him to edit to make it conventional to our genre. Furthermore, Tyrell and I worked closely on editing together as well as cinematography. This gave us both a second opinion on what each of us was doing and we constantly gave one another constant feedback. Another member of our group Jacob was in charge of sound, so he researched into soundtracks for dystopian films and as a group we found a soundtrack that fitted well into our title sequence. Thus making me feel that I've learnt how to manage my time and efforts efficiently and I've also learnt that constant constructive criticism from myself and m group members and even teachers as well as classmates is essential in making the final product perfect.

Furthermore, I've learnt that research and planning is key in progression when making a film plot and title sequence. This is because as we chose a challenging genre, we had to know what exactly made a dystopian film dystopian. So via research we had to take notes on what was conventional and we then applied these key features, ambiguous plots and micro-features into our own title sequence to make sure we do it right. Planning was a major issue at the start of this project, there was lack of communication within the group which ultimately lead to differences and made it harder to work on the project as a group as none of us had any idea what the other member was doing or when. So, in order to fix this issue we set up a group chat and would inform one another what we were doing, arrangements could get planned days in advance and then things became much more organised and made our lives easier. This helped us much more so we even had time schedules for when to meet in the half terms, what equipment we'd need and what time etc, which ultimately lead to a more organised team and made us work better. 

Personally,I had issues with attendance and I realised that this was making it much harder to get work planned and made it harder for the group. This was right at the start but i then improved my attendance and even came into school in my half terms and stayed behind to get work done as i knew it wasn't fair on m group members, so i learnt that punctuality is needed as it's fairer and more efficient to have all three group members working at the same time. This also improved and made communication easier as we could all talk face to face, this was a huge improvement to our groups productivity as well as our final outcome. So i have learnt that it is essential to make as much effort as possible and pushing yourself as far as you can go to get the best results you can possibly produce, but i digress. 

Looking back at our task I'd say that as a group we have learnt a lot on how to communicate and plan things as well as research appropriately for our needs. Personally i feel that I've come a long way as I'm much more equipped in the sense I'm more informed and experienced in editing,cinematography and the media industry in general.There was  task to look into possible studios that would distribute our films, so using previous media knowledge I took the initiative to apply my current knowledge and research into "The Big Six" studios as i knew that these were vital media institutions that are very successful and also have history in distributing blockbuster films, so inevitably my knowledge about these conglomerate studios increased and i learnt a lot more about the industry.

In conclusion, I can confidently say that I've learnt a lot. Whether that'd be with personal issues, group issues or problems or even technical difficulties and errors, I now know how to improve this and fix these. I still criticise myself for lack of effort at the beginning of the project and i also criticise my group for early communication problems and minor issues that could've been resolved sooner. However, i believe that once we over came our difficulties and we all put in a lot of effort in resolving things, planning events and scheduling things better we improved and made our title sequence the best we could possibly do.

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