Saturday, 9 April 2016

How we got the CCTV Government scene

Jacob, Tyrell and I managed to go to our schools library (the 'iBrary') and shoot an extra scene with the Government Leader (actor Kazeem). As Tyrell had previously created the 4 different pieces of CCTV for each cult and group and put them all together, he put a big red cross over each one to insinuate to the audience that Kazeem isn't of favour or the cults and simply wants to take them down. Tyrell created this using Photoshop. The scene we shot today shows Kazeem pointing furiously at the different groups, with over the shoulder shots and close-up shots of him done by me. Once the shooting for today was finished, Tyrell proceeded to go and edit the footage using 'Final Cut Pro'. He incorporated the recently shot scenes into the beginning of each cult members being shown within the title sequence in order to make it clearer for the audience to understand that what is being shown links together with the government scene from the beginning of the sequence. 

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