Sunday, 13 March 2016

Rebel scene re-shoot

Today Tyrell , Jacob and I managed to have the hell of a few other sixth former students to help re-shoot our rebels scene in our title sequence as we weren't happy using the same cast for the rebels and the scavengers. We also was unhappy with mise-en-Scene and cinematography, so this was a needed reshoot to make our title sequence better. The current state of our title sequence made it unclear who the rebels were , so we added a high angle shot and are going to add a CCTV footage effect and label the security camera with "rebels" to make it clear for the audience. With mise-en-scene , I drew some "tattoos" on our cast including Jacob and I to make the part seem more convincing. We had "the rebels" tattooed onto our forearms and had some close up shots to help establish to the audience that we were in fact the rebels. We really wanted to make it clear as it was unclear before.

We took this opportunity to experiment further with more complicated and interesting cinematography, for example:
Focus pulls
High angle shots
Found footage / hand held
And so on , although in our scavenger scenes as well as our other scenes, we have used similar shots but this was the perfect time to perfect these cinematography shots.

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