Sunday, 13 March 2016

Tyrell, Jacob and I managed to get the help of some eager sixth form students to start filming the essential parts of our title sequence, the scene that includes the government conference. I was in charge of cinematography today , so I really wanted to make sure this scene was perfect and symmetrical because I felt that this would give it a professional feel to it and would add to the seriousness of this scene for our sequence. I mainly excuted shots like mid shots and establishing shots but I also included some tracking as well as match on action - which was executed via final cut editing. I also never broke the 180 degree rule when changing angles and shots. 

We managed to a few vital scenes done , however we need a high angle shot of two sixth form students who play lead roles in this sequence to enter the building so this sequence makes sense, as of right now it's a little jumpy. We gathered the students round the table and projected our map onto the board and made out that this was a meeting about the other groups. This was clear , but it was unclear that this was the government so we are trying new ways to make this clear for the audience to see. 

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