Sunday, 13 March 2016

Today was the day Tyrell , Jacob and I decided to go to the drama room and start to shoot our illuminati scene. We knew the drama room would be perfect as it's a dark room and there are lights that can be controlled via a control panel... Genius. So with some adjustments to light levels , making it dark but still light enough to see Jacob emerge out of the darkness to add an eeriness to te scene. This was purely an experiment at first , to see what light looks good amd what didn't work.

As cinematographer, I was in charge of filming again , so I tried to experiment with using a crane to get high angle shots of Jacob standing in the middle of a make shift "Devils trap" but the footage was terrible and unusable. However, I'm now educated on what works and what doesn't. As a group we decided that it was best to just have the camera on a tripod and have Jacob emerge out of the darkness. We achieved this affect by adjusting the focus on Jacob as he walked forward and also having the lights behind the camera on but the ones behind him
Off to have the emergence effect. Overall I was happy with the footage we obtained today.

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