Sunday, 13 March 2016

Shooting locations

Our initial location is at The Shard in London, this is our establishing shot and it's a shot where we pan from top to bottom and then pan from Left to right to set the scene. The great thing about using the shard is that we had a massively populated work place, to simulate workers and people who work for the government in our sequence. The drama room is a go to place for the illuminati and also the evangelicalists as the darkness provided great eeriness for the illuminati but the lights in the drama room also provided lights that acted as "the bright white light" being projected from the big guy upstairs, to give it a spiritual feel and atmosphere. Our school library or "Ibrary" was the main setting for our government scene, it provided a long table and a big projector which was perfect for displaying the map and the table set the scene really well as it most defiantly looked like a confrence meeting. Last but not least was our location "Fanny on the hill park" which is a park near our school which has a wooded area, which Tyrell and I saw fit to be our location for the scavengers. This is where we made a stick hut and camp Fire to help create the setting of our scavengers. Just round the corner from the wooded area was a concrete road with graffiti along the walls , so I took this as an opportunity to get some montage shots , where I tracked along the walls and got shots of broken fences to create the setting of chaos.

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